AZUL Joker tiles
AZUL Joker tiles

AZUL Joker tiles

AZUL Joker tiles
AZUL Joker tiles
New, English edition. Unused, still in its original textile bag.
Alternatively you can pay via PayPal or Revolut, ask me for details!

Item weight: 49 grams (38 g without the textile bag)
So if you want it without the fancy textile bag, you can save on shipping!
All additional fees have to be paid by buyer!

I accept every solution, but generally I use Hungarian Post.
Rates (according to the prices declared on 01/01/2024):
UNTRACKED simple mail
* Below 50 grams:
** 2.50 EUR
* Below 500 grams:
** EU: 6.50 EUR
** Other continent: 8.50 EUR

For non-EU buyers' intention: There is the risk that post office will expect me to make customs declaration, which will add 1-3 EUR cost or more to the shipping. This is especially likely if the parcel contains an object that can be felt to be non-paper (e.g. plastic pieces, etc.). Please let me know if you refuse to pay the shipping in that case, and I can determine at confirmation whether to take the risk or not.

TRACKED priority service is additionally more to the base price above: +6.50 EUR

* a 200 grams tracked mail to the USA is 8.50 + 6.50 = 15 EUR
* still a 40 grams tracked mail to Spain is 2.50 + 6.50 = 9 EUR

You can combine shipping of more items, till the allowed weight of the shipping class (50 or 500 grams). Even a 2000 grams shipping class is available, but the thickness of the parcel must not reach 2.5 cm (1 inch).

For the intention of buyers with untracked parcels using PayPal:
I always take a photo of your parcel, even about the receipt I get at post office and send them to you as a proof of shipping. That's all what I can make.

But, from the other side I don't accept PayPal buyer protection, if the parcel is untracked. So you have to send the money using "To a trusted person (Friend or family member)" option.

From my previous experience - nothing personal:
• Please notice, that PayPal surcharge needs to pay by you, which is usually 5%, but PayPal will calculate it before you send the money.
• Please check whether I get exactly the necessary amount of money. Not less, but not more. It's strange, but many people send more "for PayPal surcharge", meanwhile they already paid it during sending.
• Please notice, that if I need to send your money back (because you sent it not using the appropriate option), PayPal will also takes a charge from me. So if you then want to pay using the appropriate option, then you also have to add this charge to the final sum.
• If something is not clear, plase ask me about it.
49 g/pcs