There are as many ways of reading Tarot as there are Tarot readers! I want to briefly share my outlook on the cards and their interpretation, but first I’ll share how I believe the Tarot works and what results we can hope to get from working with it.

In the recent past, a lot of new decks have been created, all along the same archetypes and life events, with the symbolism and art being the major difference. The deck contains “forever themes” and stations in a person’s life, things we go through, blessings and lessons we receive along the way.

The 0 card, represented by the Fool is the querent and it is their life path that we follow as they make their way through the Major Arcana, encountering various themes and archetypes. During each meeting they come up against challenges, integrate the lessons and move on. Of course, when we draw for your question, it does not necessarily mean, you will be represented by the Fool, but we take into account that this is the origin point in making sense of the cards as their meaning builds upon each other.

The Minor Arcana contains cards representing day to day circumstances and situations. These are things we can more easily affect by changing our mindset or behavior while the stations of the Major Arcana are more overarching themes, and can even be life-long goals and we have less leverage in influencing these.

Due to the fact that the contents of the cards are evergreen, they have always been true of humanity and will remain so. This is what it means to be human! After you have posed your question, the drawn cards will be related to this. The focus of the mind on a concrete goal will immediately result in a search for a solution. This is also the explanation why you will start seeing more car ads and cars for sale if you are looking to buy a car. It’s very plausible that those possibilities were available all along, but your focus will determine how much of this information you can receive and actually see! Our energy flows where are thoughts go!

Regardless of your question, we will assign positons for each card so as to get as much detail as possible regarding your question. Because we are designating positions, the drawn card will be an insight into that detail of the question. There is little point of just randomly drawing cards without knowing what we are drawing them to represent. Of course, there is also a method in which this is an option, but I feel we can work more efficiently if there is a specific thing we are looking for.
Some people feel that we could draw any card and it is totally random and therefor the whole thing is invalid! I really don’t want to convince anyone, but I’d happily share some insight. It is true that you can draw any cards and regardless of what you draw, you can make an interpretation using that imagery regarding your question. Tarot cards are simply windows or perspectives about a situation that you might consider at this given moment. I am not saying it is the hand of God or divine intervention, but an opportunity to break loose from definite explanations that you have told yourself and the chance to see differently.

The interpretation goes beyond what the card represents. When I ask someone to do a walking meditation practice, then one person who sees a squirrel jumping from limb to limb will think of how wonderful it would be to become more playful again, while another person will associate it with a reminder to start collecting resources for harder days to come. Both interpretations of the squirrel are relevant as are any other ones that you might come up with. The message is unique and relates to the individuals understanding and current circumstance.

It is important to have an open dialogue going between the querent and the reader so we can understand what the card means relating to the querent from all the possibilities. For example, the Devil can mean serious addiction issues and material struggle for one, while pertaining to the importance of raw instinct and living out desire for someone else.
We are also considering what relationship the cards are to each other, what story we are seeing unfold and how these elements are affecting one another.

The card spread itself will not bring a solution to your situation, but it will illuminate the details and help us see things from a new perspective and present solutions you might never have thought of. Based on this, we can create a plan of action to put the energies into play and move things forward towards your goal.

I don’t use traditional spreads because I feel them to be stale and limiting. I have developed spread positons for various topics, but of course any of these can be modified to fit your specific situation and needs. We can do a general reading, but I would suggest working with a specific topic or theme so as to take a closer look as the various aspects and details involved.
If you can resonate with my take on Tarot, please choose from the following possibilities and let’s get started on this adventure:

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